Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loves 2

Continued from yesterday's post...

For Valentine’s Day, I figured I would highlight those that, no matter what, will always be in my life and that I love dearly. WARNING: It is super cheesy, but all true! And long! But I will split it in two just for you.

My family.

Sis is the second best mom I know. She does an awesome job as a single mother to a crazy chatty 4 year old. If you ever meet the little one, she will not talk to you, but will tell us EVERY DETAIL about you and what you said when you walk away. (She does remember you Eb and says thank you for the compliment on her boots.) Sis is also the most driven person I have ever met. Again, this can get a little annoying to me because I hate planning and she has 4 plans before I ever think to have one. Sis is always a phone call away when I am frustrated or excited about something. Despite never really seeing eye-to-eye growing up, I am glad we are buds now that we do not share a bathroom. She always seems to get where I am coming from and for that I owe her the world. Oh, and all of you that think you are good bargain shoppers? You got nothin’ on Sis!

Bro has taught me a lot about how to “love life”. While he is seen as the one that got away from the fam, I now realize that he had to do it to figure out and chase his dreams and life goals. Luckily, they have landed him close to the rest of us. His advice to me is always so simple, yet so timely and necessary. He has never judged me for being what he calls “kinda weird.” He easily has the best work ethic of anyone I know and it amazes me to watch him on the job. He is one of those guys that believes in the whole “you can sleep when you are dead” thing. He honestly works over 80 hours a week and still has it in him to discuss the newest or best obscure bands in the world and run down box scores of the English Premiere League with you. (Now is a stressful time to ask him about the EPL…Man U is in a tight race for 1st with The Reds.)

Because they are family, there are definitely aspects of each that get on my nerves, but I hope that as the youngest I have learned from watching them and taken their best traits to apply to my life. I know that I would not be the quirky, crazy, sensitive old soul that I am without them guiding my every step. If you ever have the privilege to meet one (or all—brace yourself) of us, you will quickly attest to the fact that we do put the FUN in dysFUNctional!


Ms Cupcake said...

Dropping by from sits. Have a relaxing Sunday and make it a cupcake day!

Added to your Followers list.

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Devin & Amanda said...

So I think your brother and my husband could totally be BFF's (and you and my mother-in-law). Anyone who can talk intelligent soccer (especially the EPL) and make awesome pizza is a shoe in. Just FYI.

The Blonde Duck said...

What a darling post!

Monica said...

Glad you're all in sync with your fam. My sister and I are not reallly on the same page...still...hope one day we can find that common ground like you and your sibs.