Friday, February 13, 2009


For Valentine’s Day, I figured I would highlight those that, no matter what, will always be in my life and that I love dearly. WARNING: It is super cheesy, but all true! And long! But I will split it in two just for you.

My family.

Mom is the best mother out there! Her life was, and is, all about us kids. She gives of herself even when she does not think she has it in her. She will drive 45 minutes at 9 PM to sit with me when I have a migraine and think I am going to die. She still sends me cards for every holiday with “just a little something” tucked inside. My dog also sends me little gifts in the mail, but I think they may come from my mom. ;) Her house is always immaculate and has a bowl filled with M&Ms in the color of the season. In the midst of it all, she does an awesome job at what I think would be the worst job in the world! Among other duties, she often sits with a doctor as they tell a patient that they have breast cancer. Somehow, when they are done talking, these women think they can go run a marathon thanks to my mom. They often call months later and thank her. Sure, she is a little crazy, like that one time she agreed to make 60 clown costumes for Sis’s dance team in two weeks, but it is the crazy that keeps her going. And I love it!

Dad is one of my best buds. We jokingly refer to him as Cliché Man because whenever any of us have a problem and ask him for advice he throws out a “well, Gandhi once said…” or the simple “I cannot tell you what to do”. He really has never told me what to do. He patiently listens and guides me through making the best decision for my own life and then applauds when it works or helps me pick up the pieces when it goes terribly wrong. I also call him The Mayor because he has never met a stranger. It gets a little annoying sometimes, but he does meet the coolest people that way. Like one time he started talking to a guy outside a hotel about the guy’s cool shoes. They talk for like 15 minutes when a kid comes up to the guy and asks for an autograph. He signs it and keeps talking to dad. Dad apologizes and says, “I really should know you, but I am sorry, I don’t”. The guy sticks out his hand and says “my name’s Dave Matthews. Thanks for the word on the shoes.” It was in 1995…AFTER Under the Table and Dreaming, which Dad owned at the time! If you ever meet Dad, he will ask you what you are into at the moment and give you a book recommendation based on that interest. Just take my advice and go get the book!

Stay tuned for Sis and Bro tomorrow...

Side note: Going through all the You Tube videos of Dave Matthews reminded me of how much I loved that guy in high school and college.  Seeing the footage of his concerts reminds me of how much fun I had at the five that I went to all around Texas.  His little dance, the contact highs, hmmm...large concerts where the artist actually them!


Devin & Amanda said...

I forget how much I loved your family too... Your parents are the coolest.

Just say Julie said...

Bob is going to be so excited about that Dave Matthews story. I'm pretty sure he has a man crush.

Tooj said...

Okay, that's really cool that you've got a meeting DM story in there. :) And I think it's really nice that you blogged about the love for your fam on Vday. :)