Thursday, June 26, 2008

Everything I needed to know I learned from genetics

Well, I have been home from MI for a week and a half. It was incredibly sad, but amazing to see what wonderful people live up there. As a proud Texan, I often think that “northerners” are truly strange. Now, don’t get me wrong, they are a little different, but they are the most genuine, kind hearted people I have ever come in contact with. People came to this funeral from all around. Everyone was represented from tatted up Harley riders on their way to a big rally in OK City to head honchos of GM. (My uncle has worked for them for like a million years.) Kids that my aunt babysat since birth came back from college to say goodbye. It was just very touching. I can not keep writing about it because it makes me cry.

I do always love going up to MI because almost my entire family still lives there. I have one uncle (dad’s side) here and an aunt (mom’s side) in AR, but everyone else is near Detroit. Well, this trip was no different. I do hope that we can start to get together for weddings or births instead of funerals. Funerals are a tough stage for a reunion of sorts.

However, I learn a lot about myself each and every time I see my family.

1.) I am NOT a planner!! I will show up where you need me, when you need me there. I like to know roughly what is going on, but I by no means have a minute-by-minute itinerary. That job is for my sister. She LOVES doing it!
2.) The baby of the family is usually very similar to the other babies. My Aunt Jeanie, her youngest Karen, my cousin Brian? We all have very distinct personalities, but are also pretty carefree. All of us are up for anything. Even the bad stuff in life. We are also all really independent and resilient.
3.) The men in and around my family are simply good guys. My cousins, brother, uncle, and second cousins were so stoic, noble, and generous with their time. They did everything they could to address others needs, make us laugh, and dry our tears. My uncle even took me out for a drive his 1954 Oldsmobile because he knew I have been itching to do that for years. (I also think he just had to get out of the house.)
4.) My family members have GREAT stories. Granted, they lived during some pretty cool times in history, but they so enjoyed themselves as kids. And have the tales to tell.
5.) They are all crazy! Some literally, others, not so much, but we all definitely carry the gene.
6.) They love to laugh! I know that my Aunt Pat would have wanted it that way. She was always the first to bring a smile to a room.

There is plenty more, but I think this pic of my mom will just sum up her pre-children years. And oh the stories from that one!

I will post more pictures later tonight. I have some cleaning to do before So You Think You Can Dance. PRIORITIES PEOPLE, PRIORITIES!!

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