Monday, June 2, 2008

T minus 2 days

Well, I have one more day with my kids. I am a little torn about it. Today was the last day of the kids pictured below, and it was typical. I have to say that I am really glad that they were ornery. In reality, I am pretty sure it was me. I was tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and just irritable. I felt like I had a ton to do but was just spinning in circles. Because of all of that, we did not have time for the sappy goodbyes, “who are we going to visit” moments, and this is our last lunch together feelings. Honestly, since I burst into tears when I told them I was leaving, I know I could not have handled much today.

I brought my second (and last) car load of stuff home. That is not all that much stuff if you know what kind of car I drive. My grades are fairly up to date, and I probably have one more box of random crap to pack at work. All of that being said, it is still a strange feeling. I have so much angst and so many bitter feelings about where I work, but I adore the people I work for…the kids. As one of them said, this is a comfort zone at its finest. I am by no means upset to leave the environment; I just hope that I have as much fun in my new office. Not to mention, I have never really had any “real” time off. Sure, I get vacations here and there, but it is always just enough time to start relaxing and then just head back to work. I am nervous that I will go stir crazy with my 6 weeks off. More importantly, I think I am going to spend a ridiculous amount of money!! Robyn…HELP!

Anyhoo, I will keep you posted as the week progresses. C warned me that my last day will be terribly upsetting. She left last year under similar circumstances. She was equally unhappy with the situation, but also had family up north. She has been through it, warned me, so I warn you…I may be making some phone calls Wednesday night.

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