Thursday, June 26, 2008

Therapy in many forms

My Aunt Meg turns to shopping (and Diet Coke) to heal all. So she and I skipped out for about an hour and headed to Target. Aunt Pat loved, loved, loved to hang out on the deck in her back yard, so when Meg and I found these hats I stopped in my tracks. I could just see Pat messing with her flowers in the back with this sun hat on. We bought the ones with the pink ribbons for a little breast cancer salute. (I don't know why we all have the same haircut. I am just glad mine has grown about an inch since I cut it!)

Jennie (my cousin, Ray's, wife), Meg, Mom, and Me

Uncle Dave even got into the spirit with his sisters-in-law and the hats. I tried to get him to wear it while we played dice (he and Pat's favorite games), but he had to "focus".

My cousin's son, Adam, is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. Those of you that know me are very much aware of the fact that I do not say that unless I mean it. This little one just seems to sit and smile. If you look at him and make even the slightest face, he will laugh as though you just won Last Comic Standing. He definitly cheered everybody up. He really does have that big grin on his face from the moment he wakes up!

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