Saturday, June 28, 2008

Does anybody have a Sharpie?

Robyn? Tiffany, maybe? No. Probably not.

I have been looking to get a new tattoo, but I can not find a decent artist that will not charge me an arm and a leg. I mean seriously, what do they want me to do? Fill their semi with gas? I have only talked to three people, and the one that sounded good had this totally bizarre design in his head. Dude, I got the design down.

A little background…I have four tattoos that I want, but given my career and new single status I need to wait on some for a little while. Basically, I want to be the best role model I can be for these young ladies at my new job. That, and I never want to answer the “oh my heavens, what did you do to yourself” question from a fiancĂ©’s grandma because I have a huge penis inked down my spinal column. Oh geez! The SuperBad sketches suddenly come to mind.

That brings me to my quandary with the previously mentioned “artist”. I wanted something Texas related, but can not get the little nautical star thing because then Eb and I would have matching tattoos. (Since he is not talking to me right now, I do not think that is advised.) I turned to a bluebonnet. Um…I never knew how phallic that little flower looks. I do not mean to use the words “phallic” and “little” in the same sentence. Anyhoo, I AM committed to the piece. I just need to find someone that can draw it so I do not have to explain anything.

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Julie said...

Colleen!!!!There is a fabulous tatoo place down here if you want a little road trip! So happy to hear from you... I miss our conference times :) Come visit me!