Monday, August 4, 2008

Christmas when I was 5

The feeling is just like that one you had when Santa was coming. You are so excited you can not even see straight. You have trouble going to sleep. You have been counting down the days for months, but it feels like years. Well, that is the feeling I have for the first day of my new job. So much so that I decided to start work this week. I do not actually have to start until the 18th, but I am READY!! I went in today for a couple of hours, and then came home and spread out my work stuff all over my living and dining room. A "BOOM" of stuff as Robyn says. This boom does not bode well for pictures of my productivity from the previous weeks. So...that was a really long excuse to say, "I will post my completed projects tomorrow. I promise."

For Eb...Good luck tomorrow, again. Play each shot as its own. The proverbial journey, not the destination. Love.

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Just say Julie said...

I can't say I'm feeling that way this year...kind of dreading going back actually.