Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Enough about me

But first, thanks to yall that wrote me sweet, sweet emails to my personal account, posted on here, or called about the reunion. Like I said, I am usually fine with it, but sometimes it just stinks. Lisa, thanks for reminding me that I will see her again. In the moment I tend to forget.
Other notes...
My friend C is crazy talented when she gets "bored". She can make pretty much anything you want her to make with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. It really is incredible! For those of you with little kiddos that will be going to "school" soon, here is a little backpack she makes for the wee ones. Everybody with an insane amount of t-shirts from college, schools you taught at, or just is a sample of the quilts she can make. She is so crafty that she was featured on a crafty website here. Her tutorial is the one on the top right. If you want to get a hold of her check out her Etsy spot or her company blog at Columbia Lily. Oh, did I mention that she made this adorable pillow for me last year?



The colors coordinate with both my living and bedroom, and is made of fabric with baseball players on the front, and a patchwork of my favorite things on the back. (my puppy, history, government, school colors, Aggies, and Rangers fabric) This year I got a new bag for school. She even made it my school colors and includes our "mascot", the Killer Daisy. Seriously, pillows, quilts, diaper bags, backpacks, little girl's dresses, anything...give her a shout. Please place your orders before basketball season. She struggles to stay focused when "her Mavs" are on the court.

Julie is also just a little Dorothy Domestic. Check out the teacher gift she made, not for herself, but for other teachers. These things would not have gotten out of my house if I made them. Not to mention her mad cake decorating skills.

I always knew that teachers were creative people, but these two girlies are not even elementary educators and they can bust out this kind of stuff. I guess we need to have an outlet from dealing with teenagers all day. 8th and 9th graders none the less! Good luck this school year, girls!


Columbia Lily said...

thanks...sniff. =)

Just say Julie said...

Thanks C! If I could figure out how to ship you some cookie pops I would... And if you ever need a birthday cake, I am your girl :) said...

Awww...I love C Lily's stuff too! She is one talented lady. I wish I had her sewing skills!

I linked over when your site showed up as one who linked to me. Thanks so much, as now I have discovered your blog as well! It did take me a sec to figure out the link though, a few of the links (to my site and to CL's stuff) aren't highlighting. It drives me crazy when my blog does that, so I thought you might want to know as well. Thanks so much, I'm off to explore the rest of your blog!

Lisa said...

I so need to do this... I have about a gazillion t-shirts from Aggieland... just sitting my drawers. Maybe I could do this myself, or just have her do it :)

Glad you are having a better day. I can't imagine loosing one of my best friends like that.