Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quick recap

Update to the recap: The only reason I posted something today was so that I could get to post #50 in six months time since I started blogging back in March. There is also more updated down by the family section.

New job
Wonderful! Woke up early two days, but overslept the other three. Food was good. Conversation was better. The kids are sponges. Lots of laughs and not one tear shed. This was unheard of at my old job. Met all the parents…ALL the parents! (For those of you who know my clientele, this was inspiring.) I was surprised with flowers. My guilty pleasure. I discussed everything from politics and sports to religion and Ebonics. That does not even touch on the topics I chatted about with my colleagues. I never once heard a negative word about the kids or the higher ups. I am actually motivated to work and work hard. Honestly, I do not even mind the late nights I have been keeping. Well, except for the fact that I had to DVR the DNC.
Dear baby Jesus, thanks for DVR. Amen. Oh, and my kick A job. Amen.

Beyond work
I caught up with a handful of old friends. Nice to know they are all still doing well. Touched base with friends that are teachers, and those that have gone back to school are happy with their students. It makes the year so much better. The one that is still on summer break seems to be organized and ready to go. Also makes the year so much easier to handle. Stayed up way too late hanging out with Johnnie 5, but it was worth it to reconnect. Ate a ridiculous amount of BW3s. I decided not to travel this weekend. Went to Bob instead and had a ton of fun. Even ran into an old friend. Bob…he brings people together. Went out Saturday and realized just how dead a bar could be in Dallas. Finally found a place to chat and people watch. One of the people I was with ran into old students from a previous teaching job. Hello, awkward! Checked in with three people that are in a transition in their lives and they are all handling it well.

Tonight is family dinner. It is sis’s b-day and my bro is actually coming up for it. He never makes family dinner, so it will be really nice to see him. I am also pumped because I do not have to work tomorrow so I can stay late and hang out. Let's just say family + Dickey's barbeque catering + cake = the perfect Sunday night! I even brought home about a pound of leftovers.

The spread

The kids
Obama and Biden are official.
McCain and Palin start next week pending Gustav.
I need to call my cousin. She is from Alaska and LOOOOVES Sarah Palin.
I need some more information. Ok, a lot more information.

Side note: If Obama is going to win this election, he should really add his name to the spell check option on all new computers.

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Just say Julie said...

Sounds like you're rocking on along! Super jealous about your kick A job... mine is just kicking my A! Seriously though, it sounds like things are going great for you and I'm sure your observation was fantastic!